We do our best to keep pictures updated. So please visit the
site regularly to see the new pictures. We are dedicated to
remaining a small specialized kennel. Our dogs are not
caged nor are they bred every cycle and we will not sell to
someone who will do so with one of our pups. We also offer
stud services and kennel services.
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(What's New)

Brandy had 1 male puppy (sire is Howie Manuel) on July

is birth weight was 2.8 ounces.

We are gearing down our breeding business and home to
prepare our lifestyle for mission work.  To facilitate the
downsizing we are placing many of our adult dogs.  Current
dams available are Feliz 2 and Opal, Opal is very fat now
since she was spayed; (click on Dams to see pics, email for
current pics).  Studs available are Howie and Gemmy,
Gemmy is 11 but in good health; (click on Studs to see pics,
email for current pics).  
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Puppies Available