We do our best to keep pictures updated. So please visit the
site regularly to see the new pictures. We are dedicated to
remaining a small specialized kennel. Our dogs are not
caged nor are they bred every cycle and we will not sell to
someone who will do so with one of our pups. We also offer
stud services and kennel services.
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Things have been very exciting here.  We have only one
puppy left from the November Puppies.  Mandy had two
male C
horkys (hybrid Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier) on
January 23rd and Gracie had one m
ale and one female
Chihuahua on the same day. I
will try to update pictures as
often as possible

Both girls are wonderful mommies.  Both girls are retired,
this is their last litter.  Gracie's girl will be too small to breed
so she will be sold with a Spay Contract.

We still have a female Yorkshire Terrier that is 15 months
old.  We kept her to breed and she is just too tiny.  Little
stinker did not get half as big as we hoped.  She is still very
much a puppy, still has her puppy coat.  However, she is full
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